Cheese storing advices

Hard cheeses: Remove from fridge from 30 to 45 minutes before consuming.

Semi hard cheeses: Remove from fridge at least two hours before consuming.

Soft Cheeses: Remove from fridge from 20 to 25 minutes before consuming.

If temperature were superior to 25º they must be put in the bottom sector of the fridge for 10 or 15 minutes for a slight cooling.

Remove only the needed quantity. A long time out of the fridge makes them sweat and dry.

Cheese cutting, a very important topic

This is an extremely important aspect in cheese serving performance. There is only one type of cutting for each type of cheese. A great cheese can be ruined if the cut is not appropriate. Avoid using the same knife for cutting cheeses of different tastes. Soft, cream cheeses have to be cut with thin blade knives, whereas for harder cheeses you have to use thicker blade knives.

Rectangular cheeses: Cuts in slices divided into rods.

Cylindrical cheeses: Cuts in slices divided into small triangles.

Cylindrical cheeses: Cuts in wedges divided into smaller wedges.